What is Park Finder?
Park Finder is a website that was built to allow people to easily find parks in the Moreton Bay region based on their wants and needs. It was originally a console application built a school project but after I decided to enter it into this competition it was turned into a website.

How to use Park Finder?
Select the park features you wish for the website to search for then enter the name of a suburb in Moreton Bay.

What is Live Import?
Live Import allows you to set the value of specific park attributes this means parks with more high valued features appear towards the top.

How is rating Calculated?
Rating is calculated based on the features of the park, different features have different values based on what I thought would be most important in a park. For example the base value of toilets is 1.25 while excercise equipment is 0.3. You can change the default values using Live Import.

2022 XC